Can we just be real?

Can we just be real about this? Parents, Moms, Dads- what is going on in our world and how in the heck are we supposed to raise our kids? The human trafficking, the school shootings, the entitlement, the technology, the social media, the cost of living, the need for things right now, the food we eat, the antibiotics pumped into our food, the pesticides sprayed on our fruits & veggies, the vaccine arguments, the medication doctors are dishing out, and how fast it feels like life is moving!

My husband and I have been caught up in this feeling of constant decision making for our kids, like major life decisions and really struggling with it. What school should they go to? Is it safe? Are we being too paranoid about this fear? To rewind a bit to give you some of my story… we started our son in kindergarten this year and pulled him out after Christmas to homeschool. The intention was to homeschool for the semester and get him enrolled into a school for the following year. But is it really the right decision? What is the answer to all of the fear of sending your kids to school these days, is it to pray? I feel like I am having to make a decision on the possibility of my kids experiencing a school shooting or them being homeschooled and not be able to experience the way I grew up. I was extremely lucky growing up. Started kindergarten and finished high school in the same district with a ton of the same kids. I have friends today that I met in 2nd grade! We had some scary things happen and some “lockdowns” growing up but nothing like today. I watched a video earlier today about a little boy that was at the school of the most recent school shooting. It is so heart breaking to see a child not much older than my own seeing things with their own eyes that they should never have to see. They will never get those images out of their heads. They should never have to have fear to go to school. It is just crazy what life has become. The older I get, I am not sure that I want to live my life crossing my fingers and praying to God that my kids are safe after I drop them off at school. The thought of homeschooling is scary. So much responsibility and so much pressure, but what a glorious opportunity at the same time. I have a chance to give them experiences, travel, see different cultures, meet different people, and teach them more than just school but tools & skills they will use for their entire life. We haven’t decided for sure what we are doing but a lot of the school options we have come across just don’t feel right for us. Some seem a little too hard core, some seem really expensive, some seem too big… its such a hard decision!

We have recently in the last few years chatted about how amazing it would be to grow our own veggies, and only eat meat that we know where it came from. I am a true believer that you cannot be successful in life or have true happiness if you don’t eat right. What we eat is everything. It is how you feel, how you learn, how you love, how you see things, how you look, the energy you have, which is in direct relation with total happiness all the way to your soul. I have become completely passionate about food. I am responsible for raising these 2 beautiful kids of mine and how am I supposed to feed them this food that our government approves to be okay to consume? In connection with the homeschooling, I would love to spend my days teaching my kids how to raise chickens, grow the food they eat and educate them on the importance of it.

Parenting is hard. My husband works long hours and I am a stay at home mother. I have a dream. That dream involves me sharing with the world the struggles, the accomplishments, and the real, raw life situations we have been through. I want to share our stories, I want to share my rock bottom moments, the days that are the best, and all of it in between. I want to share the way we play, paint, explore, and live our lives- its not all pretty. Its not about sharing the shiny moments but also the ones that will comfort event just 1 person in the world to make them feel like they aren’t alone in this. This will not be a site you will come to and be bombarded with adds. I will occasionally share helpful products that I really believe in and have worked for us.

Life is short. Life is beautiful. There is a lot of mess going on in our world. Lets get through it together. Love yourself. Spread Love everywhere you go.

Cheers, and welcome to my blog!

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