About Me

Hi Momma’s! My name is Jaclyn and I am a stay at home Mother to 2 beautiful kids, Landon and Kinsley. I started this blog to create this raw and very real conversation about who we are as mothers and making sure we don’t forget to love ourselves. I also will be sharing and exploring living a more natural lifestyle with less toxic chemicals and what led me to this. After I had my daughter,  I really struggled with postpartum depression. I had heard about it and after experiencing it I learned that it is real and really tough. I still have my days, but I definitely have more control of it. I have a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from Sam Houston State University and almost all of my work experience is in event management. After having kids, I started learning and researching about food, vaccinations, toxins in baby products and cleaning products, and slowly became extremely passionate about wanting to change the way we live our day to day lives. I look forward to sharing with you my journey with depression and how I got to a healthier place with natural remedies along with sharing and discussing the tough daily decisions we face as parents. The most important thing I have learned is that we as mothers have to take care of ourselves. If we neglect ourselves we cannot be the best version for our families. We set the vibe and tone in our homes and it is so important for us to find that inner happiness and contentment so we can raise our kids in homes surrounded by love. Welcome to my blogging journey where I hope to better myself, learn things about myself, and hopefully be someone that brings comfort and support for some or many out in the world! Cheers & Welcome!