5 tips to ease your anxiety during Covid-19 Worries

Isn’t interesting that our world has gradually gotten faster and faster? More technology, able to receive news almost instantly, everyone posting what they are eating and how much they are working out? More often than not, to many, it seems as though there is never enough time. For those of us with kids that attend school, every day seems go, go, go. The evenings are so quick with all of the ‘have to’s’ and never enough time to just be a family. Politically, we have become so divided. Every major issue is a touchy subject, even with family members these days! I really stay away from any conversation involving religion & politics. It seems everyone has a short fuse with those topics! The number of people experiencing anxiety is at an all time high. I believe more people are giving yoga and meditation a try that never thought about it in their life! I feel like our world seems like its in fast forward sometimes and we are all wanting everything to slow down.

AND THEN WE ALL WOKE UP ONE DAY and realized there was a virus spreading all across our world. My, how things have shifted. Technology is now becoming a way to survive for some, a way to keep learning for others and a way to communicate with loved ones in a time when we need to stay home. There are a lot of unfortunate situations happening with kids being hungry, the elderly not being able to find their essentials, and of course no one can find toilet paper! But beyond those things, look at what is happening? We are spending more time with each other. We are having more conversation. We are experiencing being bored together. I have always believed that my kids come up with the best games and their creativity really comes out when they are bored. Good things can happen, and having time slow down for a bit so we can experience each other. When all of this settles down I feel like we will in fact learn something from it. The best thing we can do at the moment is try to stay calm.

Here are 5 ways to ease your anxiety: And are also social distancing approved 🙂

1.Online Yoga– I personally really live Yoga with Adriene. She is out of Austin, TX, has her dog with her occasionally and is really great for any level of yoga! www.yogawithadriene.com

2.Go OUTSIDE!-take a walk, walk your dog, ride your bike, run, jog, kick a ball with your kids… just go get fresh air! It’s therapeutic and I guarantee you, you will feel a tad bit better regardless.

3.Exercise!– I just recently bought a stationary bike from Amazon and am really enjoying it! The reviews were great! And I love it so far! Exercise does wonderful things for our brain and can ease your stress and anxiety. https://amzn.to/3a1C4Fd

4.Read a book– I have never been much of a reader in my life, but I know that those of you who love reading can get lost in a book and it can be very therapeutic as well. Find time to relax with a book, and hey maybe even a bath & book 🙂 One of my personal favorites is Nicola Bird- A Little Peace of Mind. https://amzn.to/3d8rIp2 She has a very fresh perspective on how to handle anxious thoughts and it has helped me tremendously!

5. Drink Plenty of Water & Try to avoid Sugar- It is easy to go to the sugary treats when we are stressed! Sugar does not cause anxiety but if we eat foods high in sugar and then have the well known ‘crash’ it can worsen anxiety symptoms. We need to focus on staying hydrated, avoiding too much sugar, and trying to eat foods that will fuel our bodies in times of stress.

In times of uncertainty, one thing is for sure, things will eventually go back to our own version of normal. We will all be okay, try to focus on your loved ones and how nice it is to have extra time with your family. Take Care and stay safe!

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